It can be challenging to balance your job and your child’s school life. If they are in a preliminary school, you will need to give them your attention to ensure the bond is as strong as ever. A lot of parents fail to manage their relationship with their children at this point, which then distances the child from them. As a busy parent, you need to run your business errands, do a couple of projects, and still ensure that you follow up with your child’s school life. So how do you manage this? Here are some tips that you might find helpful;

• Talk to the teacher

One way to be involved with your child’s preschool life is by having a bond with the caregiver or teacher. Ask the teacher about the lessons of the day or week, and what you are needed to do to help the child develop. You should also ask about the development of the child, what they have mastered, and what area that they still have challenges in. Don’t forget to ask about the child’s personality.

• Ask the child about their day

Children are always sensitive with how you approach them. If you are too busy with your job, you come home late, and only want to rest from your busy day, they will be distanced from you. Ideally, ask them about how their day was, what they learned, and how they school life is. You can also make the questions deeper by asking about what made them happy, what they did new, or anything else that will make the child open up.

• Share with your family

Another way of linking your bond with your child is by sharing their work with other family members. You can also ask your family to ask the child about their life and progress in school. This way, your child will be happy, and it will make them perform even better.

• Be proud of their work

Of course, you must be proud of what your child does in school. However, the best way to show the child that you are proud of their work is by showing off. If they did some artwork, you could place it around the house or in specific corners in the house. Ideally, you can dedicate one corner in the living room and place the artwork, or you can place some as wall hangings in the living room. This will encourage them to work hard in school.

• Be a volunteer

Other than asking about the child’s performance in school, you can also ask the teacher if there is anywhere you can volunteer. Some parents are given a chance to read a book to the children in a class. The preschool can also allow parents to volunteer in various activities in the school.

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